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Construction Sites


American Services and Protection has years of solid construction security services under our belt. Whether you need daytime, overnight, or 24/7 security services for your project. ASAP is prepared to handle the job. We’ll do a site survey to understand your property’s boundaries and nuances.

Then we’ll recommend best practices as well as the preferred number of
guards needed to maintain the proper level of security for your project.


Building engineers and construction industry


Our guards will make their presence known by conducting regular and thorough foot and/or vehicle patrols around the premises. We are vigilant with access control so that your property and equipment remain out of the reach of unauthorized visitors or activities. We want your construction crew to come to work each day knowing that their tools and equipment have remained intact.

Daily reports will keep you informed on what observations the guards gathered on their shifts. You can also make changes to their daily duties or schedule as your project progresses.


Call us whether your need is short-term or long-term and we’ll create a sound security plan for you, just as we have done for these well-known companies:

● Choate Construction
● CJ Mahan Construction Company, LLC
● Ebco General Contractor
● Elford Inc.
● Equity Construction Solutions
● Messer Construction
● Michels
● MV Construction Services
● Shelly & Sands, Inc.
● Smoot Construction
● Thomas & Marker Construction
● Venture One Construction, Inc
● Welty Building Co, LTD